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Talking in the Driveway Podcast

Mar 29, 2024

Welcome back to The Driveway! The legendary Tony Love joins us to discuss his epic work trip. We follow up with lots of questions and then whip around the world of sports.  Pour yourself a cold one and join us in The Driveway!

Mar 18, 2024

Welcome back to The Driveway!  It is Selection Sunday in The Driveway! Captain Caveman and the Flamingo join the host to break down the NCAA Tournament Bracket. Before that a brief discussion on NFL free agency especially around the Steelers big moves at QB this weekend. We finish up with some emails.  Pour yourself a...

Mar 15, 2024

Welcome back to The Driveway!  Captain Caveman updates us on his tattoo and we learn some things about the Flamingo that may give us more questions than answers.  We whip around the world of sports with a heavy focus on NFL Free Agency.  We then get to our main topic of the show which is dusting off our bracket...

Mar 6, 2024

Welocme back to The Driveway.  We are live at Bewitched Tattoo for the annual tattooing payoff.  As the Captain is getting his ink, the entire crew discusses a variety of topics including a recap of Metal Lightning's trip of a lifetime to Buffalo, the orign of the tattoo bet, first tattoos and a few other things.  Pour...